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arizona weather

Arizona Weather Broke a Record on Sunday with 106 Degree Temperature

May 7, 2018

Off a northern Arizona highway surrounded by pastel-colored desert is one of the starkest examples of drought's grip on the American Southwest:  Nearly 200 dead horses surrounded by cracked earth, swirling dust, and a ribbon of water that couldn't q...Read More

uber arizona

State Governor Suspended Uber’s Self-Driving Vehicle Testing

March 27, 2018

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey suspended Uber's self-driving vehicle testing privileges Monday in the wake of a pedestrian fatality in a Phoenix suburb last week.   Ducey told the company CEO Dara Khosrowshahi that video footage of the crash rais...Read More

Downtown Tucson

Downtown Parking Lot to be One of the Tallest Buildings in Downtown Tucson?

January 24, 2018

The Rio Nuevo board is expected to green-light a redevelopment deal Tuesday, January 23, that will turn a downtown parking lot into one of the tallest buildings in Tucson.   The taxing district board is predicted to vote on opening formal ...Read More

Tucson Thanksgiving

Food for People in Need for Thanksgiving in Tucson

November 15, 2017

Local Tucson organizations are doing everything they can to ensure that those in need get home cooked warm meals, even when it is a little more than a week away from Thanksgiving.   "We believe that nobody should have to eat their holiday ...Read More

What are the Benefits of Buying a Semi Truck in Arizona

October 6, 2017

Arizona is an exclusive place to consider buying a semi-truck in. With its exceptional location, Arizona suggests some benefits that other states just can't suggest to buyers of semi-trucks. These benefits together make Arizona one of the best places...Read More

Will apprenticeship programs succeed in attracting more youngsters into trucking industry?

September 29, 2017

This specific thought has been disseminated about the trucking industry for some time now. That is allowing youngsters from 18-21 old to drive commercial vehicles under close supervision.  

Read More

Hurricane Irma Hit Tuscon's Flora

Hurricane Hit Most Part of the Floral Industry of Tucson

September 14, 2017

TUCSON - According to Jim Stith of Sav On Flowers, there has never been such a disruption in service from both farm level to marketing. “I was born and grown up in the flower business, as well as my son, Kalyn. We’ve never seen something like thi...Read More

AAA Arizona Has Some Travel Tips For You

March 24, 2017

Scams that target consumers booking travel online has been drastically increasing according to AAA Travel Experts. While booking travel online offers the ability to compare prices and read online reviews. It is estimated that hotel booking scams cost...Read More

“Toilet To Tap” Water Treatment Soon To Be Legal In Arizona

February 6, 2017

Arizona may be legalizing the practice of treating wastewater for drinking purposes by the end of the year. In six months, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is expected to propose the legalization of "direct potable reuse". Waste water ...Read More

If You Are A Survivor of US Military Personnel…You May Be Eligible For A Waiver Regarding Some Vehicle Fees

December 1, 2016

A new state law has been passed in the state of Arizona. Survivors of military personnel are going to be waived from paying some fees regarding vehicles at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The law permits a surviving spouse of dependent of milita...Read More

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