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3 Tucson Schools In The Top 25 Schools in the US

April 19, 2016

US News & World Report publishes the list of the 25 best schools in the country annually, and this time three Tucson schools have made their way to the list.   Basis Tucson North was ranked the third and Basis Oro Valley was ranked the...Read More


Satanic Temple Member To Deliver Invocation At Tuscon City Council Meeting

February 8, 2016

There has been a huge controversy in the Phoenix City council as Stu Du Haan, a Tucson Attorney and the member of the satanic temple, asked to deliver the invocation at the City Council’s meeting on the Feb. 17.   According to the consti...Read More


Tucson Gas Prices At Its Lowest

January 22, 2016

According to AAA Arizona, Tucson gas prices are the lowest in the state at the moment.  The average gas price in Tucson is $1,70 per gallon now. Flagstaff has the highest gas prices in Arizona with the average of $2,12 per gallon.   In wi...Read More

Denver Lets Uber Drivers Bargain Their Rights

January 13, 2016

Seattle became the first city in the USA to allow Lyft and Uber drivers to unionize after the City Council voted for the legislation unanimously. This case can become a beginning of the change for the workforce. The decision to let drivers unioniz...Read More

Patty Limmerick Becomes New Colorado State Historian

Patty Limmerick has been named the new Colorado State Historian. Limmerick is the director of the Center of the American West in CU Boulder. She is a lecturer, author and teacher, as well as a columnist whose writing can regularly be seen in the Denv...Read More

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