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Tucson Airport

Tucson Airport Police Pursuit

October 18, 2019

TUCSON, AZ – A Tucson man was apprehended and taken into custody after leading police on a wild pursuit. The chase initially began on a landing strip at Read More

"A" Mountain

City Bans Vehicles On “A” Mountain

September 18, 2019

TUCSON, AZ – On Tuesday, the Tucson City Council elected to restrict veh...Read More

school traffic

Tucson School Traffic Causing Safety Concerns

August 20, 2019

TUCSON, AZ – Back to school and there are already major safety concerns surrounding Tucson school traffic.

According to Read More

Life Sentence for 2017 Tucson Murder

July 17, 2019

TUCSON, AZ – A Tucson man found guilty of a 2017 murder was sentenced to life on Tuesday morning.

The murder took place two years ago near the downtown rattlesnake bridg...Read More

child abuse

Mom Gets 10 Years Probation for Child Abuse

June 11, 2019

TUCSON, AZ – Officials overturned a Tucson woman’s 20-year prison term last year, and now they sentenced her to ten years of probation for crimes related to the abuse of her three daughters.

TUCSON, AZ.- Authorities recovered a Tucson man's body from Lake Pleasant. Additionally, the recovery occurred on Tuesday, May 7.

Read More


Two Children Found Dead, No Suspects, Many Questions

April 5, 2019

TUCSON, AZ – Police discovered two children dead inside a Tucson west side home Thursday, April 4. According to authorities, a call came in with a report of multiple gunshot victims inside the home around 2 p.m. However, wh...Read More


Snow Falls on Tucson, Multiple Road Closures

February 22, 2019

TUCSON, ARIZONA - Snow fell in Tucson this Friday morning and not just in Mount Lemmon. A Read More


Bank Robbery Suspect Found!

February 8, 2019

TUCSON, AZ – A Wells Fargo bank robbery took place on February 4. Police arrested a man this morning, Februa...Read More

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