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Tucson International Airport To Be Expanded

June 8, 2016

Tucson International Airport is about to change with a $28 million expansion project that will start next week and will be finished in a year and a half.   The main change will be the TSA security checkpoints that will be located at the bo...Read More


I-10 Closures in Tucson

April 16, 2016

There will be restrictions and closures next week on the I-10 in the Tucson area, as Arizona Department of Transportation continues with the road work to improve the roads quality in the area.   The following restrictions will come in effe...Read More


Tucson DUI Patrols On Super Bowl Night

February 8, 2016

According to statistic, when there is a night like Super Bowl night, a chance to get into a car crash is twice as high as on any other Sunday night in February. That is why Tucson law enforcement expanded the use of DUI patrols in their efforts to re...Read More


Police Officer Blocks Traffic To Help Driver Having Seazures

January 21, 2016

In Tucson the police have released a dashboard video of an officer helping a driver who was having a seizure by using a patrol car.   Sergeant Martin Espinoza has used his patrol car as a blockade to prevent the driver from moving into onc...Read More

Missing Denver Firefighter’s Car Found By Park Rangers

January 13, 2016

oshua Ryan Milton, a Seattle firefighter, was called missing after he had not showed up for his shift as a paramedic student at Harborview Medical Center on Thursday. On Saturday his car was found at the Deception Pass Bridge....Read More

Gun and Badge Stolen from Adams County Officer

Sunday morning a purse that held an officer badge and her firearm was stolen from a law enforcement officer when she was off-duty. The incident happened at the Tomahawk Truck Stop in Strasburg, Adams County, while the officer was pumping gas...Read More

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