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4 Myths About OTR Truckers

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OTR drivers are extremely important to the nation’s economy. Did you know that 70% of the country’s freight by weight is transported by truck drivers?

Still, with the importance of their job, these drivers are on the receiving end of many stereotypes that just aren’t true. Therefore, we’ve decided to debunk four myths about over-the-road drivers below.

Myth #1 – Not Enough Pay

This is one of the biggest misconceptions around. Not only do OTR drivers receive great pay, but they also receive great bonuses for safe driving as well. Not to mention, there is job security in the trucking industry. Employment is expected to increase to 6% by 2026.

Myth #2 – Men Only

Wrong! While the number of women OTR drivers is low, there are no restrictions for women. Currently, there are about 217,000 long-haul women drivers, which equates to about 6.2% of drivers in the industry.  

Furthermore, it has been proven that women drivers are less likely to get into accidents than male truckers. Also, they’re more likely to pass their CDL exam on the first attempt.

Myth #3 – OTR Drivers Got It Easy

Undoubtably, it takes a lot of work and effort to control a truck. However, apart from this, some drivers are also responsible for making sure freight is properly loaded and unloaded. Besides, it takes detail and constant attention on the road to survive a successful transport. In addition to this, OTR drivers must keep in contact with dispatchers along the way, while measuring up to customer demands.

Myth #4 – OTR Drivers Cause Accidents

Last but not least, OTR drivers spend more time on the road than most. However, the number of accidents they’re involved in is less than 2.4%. Moreover, it should be noted that 80% of crashes involving cars and trucks are not caused by OTR truckers.

What are some other myths about OTR drivers? Comment below.

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