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Arizona Supreme Court Listens To Abortion Ban Oral Arguments

You are currently viewing Arizona Supreme Court Listens To Abortion Ban Oral Arguments
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In the aftermath of the nationwide ban of abortion, via the cancellation of the Roe v. Wade rule. The High court had heard oral arguments for the case of Planned Parenthood v. Mayes. As it is, there could be a reimposition of an 1800s-era near-total abortion ban. The court themselves had blocked enforcement of the 1864 law, briefly after the United States Supreme Court that can issue the 1973 Roe v. Wade choice that can guarantee a constitutional right for ending pregnancies.

The law in 1864 had imposed a near-entire ban on abortions, while not providing exceptions for rape or incest, given that abortions can only be allowed if a mother’s life turns out to be endangered. Back in 2022, Governor Doug Ducey had signed in a 15-week ban on the law. As of recent, the law still holds.

Many individuals part of the Alliance Defending Freedom, which is known as a conservative Christian advocacy group, had believed that life begins at conception.

Many minutes after, the abortion right supporters have given remarks that the precedent has been critical towards holding the 15-week ban placed in place.

State attorney general Kris Mayes mentioned how the reporters out of the court had felt hopeful in that instance, given that the Supreme Court wishes to return to the 1864.

In consideration of the procedure going underneath an in-person counseling session, and a whole day later to perform on the operation. AHCCCS is coverage of abortion with a minimal manner, as according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Arizona’s own collective has mentioned that Governor Katie Hobbs have tried to support Planned Parenthood Arizona. There’s plenty of push-back versus disassociating extremists. Of course, pro-choice supporters have been hoping to attain a ballot question before voters could potentially undo either ban. Advocates in more states have to try to put similar-like questions on the ballot, given the success of a measure in Ohio within the past month.

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