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Bighorn Fire Exceeds 37,000 Acres

You are currently viewing Bighorn Fire Exceeds 37,000 Acres
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Tucson AZ – A fire at Bighorn Nation Park rages as firefighters attempt to put out a fire that is continuing to expand.

As of this morning, the Tucson fire department and National Forest Registry have announced the fire is spreading at an alarming rate. From yesterday’s 17,000 the fire has moved to over 37,000 acres overnight.

Evacuation orders have been set for the surrounding Mount Lemmon, Mount Bigelow and Summerhaven.

The fire comes amid a heavy dry season. Lightning had struck the surrounding area which ignited the extremely dry landscape.

The state has enacted its “Ready, set, GO” program to help evacuate citizens located closer to the fires.

Catalina state park has been evacuated and closed as firefighters continue to make efforts to stop the fires.

A large factor for the area is the use of drones. While many want to take photos of the raging fires, the use of drones in airspace can provide a multitude of problems.

For many in the surrounding area, they have been forced to leave their homes, stay with friends and relatives, and hope the fires don’t spread into their neighborhoods.

Day and night water dropping from helicopters and planes have done little to stop the spread. With continuous suppression tactics working to contain the fire, many are left wondering when the inferno will slow.

The area is also located in a high-wind zone. Low-laying winds have helped to spread the blaze as high wind speeds push the heat towards the city.

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