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BMW Proto-E65 7 Series Is Also Known As The ZBF 7er

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The BMW is a well-known carmaker. But nowadays, there are some models that inspired other models you would’ve never guessed. Vehicles that you might not have even known, if it weren’t for the BMW Group Classic’s YouTube account. Lately, there have been varied examples of older versions of BMW vehicles that are proving to hit some rare peaks. But today, we mention the one that brought upon the age of early E65 7 Series models. This tends to be skewing on the side of the uncanny valley. This BMW is nothing like the prototypes of the E36 M3 Compact or the X6’s grandfather.

Back in 1996, the ZBF 7er was made, post-E38 7 Series.

One would very much be surprised upon further inspection, really.

BMW Group Classic | July 15th, 2021

The vehicle’s name “ZBF” is actually a collection of German words, which when organized, translates in English to “Future BMW Family.” Whereas, “7er” is just short for “seven-er.” The vehicle, though prototypical, is still available to drive while being one of the larger sizes of sedans in the day and age it was created. The tires were hand-cut, even for tires. The concept car itself was made of hand-beaten sheet metal. Not a very popular method compared to how the Italians have done it before. They actually would create a clay model and send it down to Italy for them to recreate in a life-size quantity.

ZBF 7er itself looks like something out of a Bond film. As 007 himself would’ve enjoyed the cameras on the outside, replacing side-view mirrors. The vehicle’s interior is different, if we’re being honest. Firstly, because it is of aluminum and light-wood panels. Furthermore, a beige leather design would have Brookstone grinding their teeth.

As with most BMW models, the grille is always something of a shock. But the buck-teeth of it is maybe a testament of BMW’s design language. To always challenge the unthinkable.

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