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Border Patrol Agents Score A $4.3 Million Fentanyl Bust

You are currently viewing Border Patrol Agents Score A $4.3 Million Fentanyl Bust
Border Patrol seized a substantial sum of fentanyl.
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 Local authorities worked with border patrol agents from the U.S. Customs department to apprehend and arrest the culprits who were responsible for shipping a large amount of fentanyl over from one side of the border to another. What are the specific stats on this stash?

Two U.S. Citizens with 340 packages of fentanyl. Not far from Tucson, in the Gila Bend neighborhood.

It all started with these Tucson Sector agents had uncovered narcotics at the hour of 6:00 pm. The bust occurred during a routine vehicle stop on a white-painted Chevrolet Equinox. The car had been heading eastbound when exiting I-8 at mile no. 115. At the stop, agents had been keenly aware of black duffel bags within the rear cargo area where the driver had been notably nervous while undergoing interrogation.

Once the authorities received consent to search the Equinox, they were amazed to discover three bags, filled with packages of black-tape-wrapped drugs. Cellophane was also involved, as it was coated in axle grease. Abundantly enough, this was enough evidence to suggest that the citizens were en route to hide drugs away during their trip. The 340 packages had actually weighed in at a total of 187 pounds, while coming in to an amount of about $4.3 million.

At some point, the case had been overturned to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. It was here where the driver and the passenger alike had then been facing prosecution for drug charges. As they rightly should be.

Fentanyl seizing is a major concern.

With communities of varying families surrounding the area, the prominence of Fentanyl and seizing the drug could not be more crucial for the protection of the families. Within a recent smuggling event, Tucson agents had to apply naloxone to an individual, showing signs of an overdose. And that guy could’ve died at only 2 milligrams. So could you imagine what would’ve happened if more drugs were smuggled in past the U.S. Border Patrol? Surely chaos would ensue. As the likelihood of anyone surviving the type of damages that could be done upon a fentanyl seizure could very well be beyond catastrophic. Deadly even for all involved, for who could figure that such an incident could befall anyone in Tucson? Certainly not those dastardly drug smugglers who had little to no concern for anyone involved besides themselves and the health of their vary own leather-bound wallets, teeming with cash.

What type of moron thinks they can just get away with the most dangerous type of drug swindling? It’s almost unhealthy how these smugglers keep themselves under the impression that there’s a likelihood of not getting caught by the authorities when transporting some major drugs! But why? Why must human error be so erringly errant? Have we no sympathy for the health of others’, if not only when it affects us in some sort of nominal way? Drugs are the poisonous apple given to us in emergencies, and to this day we abuse them for profit and popularity. Luckily, Fentanyl won’t get away much longer with our awesome border patrol on the case!

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