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City of Tucson Helps Residents Prepare for 2018 Monsoon

You are currently viewing City of Tucson Helps Residents Prepare for 2018 Monsoon
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The city of Tucson started helping residents prepare for the 2018 monsoon on Monday.

The city has opened up a site for residents to come and fill up sandbags to prepare for the monsoon. It fears that without helping to prepare its citizens, the city might suffer quite a bit.

The site is being held at the Hi Corbett Field parking lot. Residents can go there anytime they want to fill up their sandbags.

The sandbags will help prevent major flooding near homes and businesses. They prevent flooding from getting worse than it may already become.

The city is providing the bags at Reid Park. Locals need to bring their own shovels, however. After all, the city can’t provide every single thing.

Monsoon Is Concerning People

Chuck Purcell, a resident of Tucson, says he has been preparing his yard and all around his house before the storm comes. He claims that people should start preparing right now before it is too late.

The city advises people to trim their trees, thin them out and remove the mistletoe.

Everything should be out of the way before the monsoon starts.

Every Wednesday from 4 PM to 8 PM Tucson Transportation Department will give out free sandbags to people at the rodeo grounds.

However, people can only take up to 10 bags per person. Beyond that, they’ll have to find another location and organization to provide them with their precious sand.

City workers will help carry the bags and load them up. Because of this, it might be a good idea for residents with extra time or cash to bring them something nice. Surely, people working out in the heat all day would appreciate a gift like cold water, right?

The address for Reid Park is 700 S. Randolph Way, Tucson, AZ 85716.

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