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Five Teens Recovering from Deadly Crash on I-40 in Holbrook

You are currently viewing Five Teens Recovering from Deadly Crash on I-40 in Holbrook
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Five teens from the Valley are recovering from a deadly crash. Their youth group leader dies Saturday when a wrong-way driver hit them on Interstate 40 just outside of Holbrook.

The teens were heading back from a church camp in Oklahoma. One of those girls is still in the ICU in Flagstaff, Arizona, and her name is 16-year-old Meckensy Toro.

Toro was celebrating her birthday but this week she’s celebrating being alive in the ICU. This past Saturday was almost her last day of her life. She was just barely able to escape, although she had significant injuries.

Deadly Crash Caused by Wrong-Way Driver

A wrong-way driver crashed into them head-on, on I-40 just outside Holbrook; the drivers of both cars died.

The 5 other girls were left with serious injuries. And that’s when the news got even worse for the Toro family.

When her parents got there, they couldn’t believe how bad of shape she was in. Three surgeries were needed right away for internal bleeding, broken bones and a collapsed lung.

But the worst of her injuries was a giant cut in her head full of glass and gravel from the crash. Head injuries are incredibly scary, as they can cause internal injuries that are nearly impossible to see. Many people suffer head injuries that have no external indicators and never wake up from them.

But by some miracle, Meckensy has been awake and talking from her hospital bed. While she’s certainly seriously injured, it appears as though the teenager will survive this terrifying ordeal.

Meckensy’s mom was so thankful that her daughter was even alive. And her parents are sticking right by her side with a simple message of faith.

In case, you want to help this family with medical expenses you can donate to her family’s GoFundMe.

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