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‘Fugitive Extradited In From Mexico,’ According To FBI

You are currently viewing ‘Fugitive Extradited In From Mexico,’ According To FBI
This fugitive has finally been caught and sent back to prison in Arizona.
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As it turns out there’s been a lot of extraditions from Mexico due to fugitives involving themselves in the Mexican drug trade. And it’s a shame that they’re getting themselves stuck in this type of activity. Because it’s all to show that there’s illegal activity that these citizens of the States and of Mexico are engaging in that can translate to serious jail time. Which isn’t a good idea for any individual to take part in. In specific, there has been a fugitive that was involved in drugs and ran away to Mexico when the authorities got wise and took a look into what her was doing. This individual has since been apprehended by the authorities and is now in the process of extradition from Mexico back into town.

The 45-year old has found himself involved in a Tucson-based interstate drug smuggling organization that in itself would traffic marijuana towards the Nebraska chapter of a malicious street gang from the age of June 2006 to July 2011. He has himself along with several other conspirators had been arrested in ties to a Tucson-based interstate drug smuggling organization. Their team had been moving so much marijuana towards the Nebraska chapter of such a malicious street gang. All from a span of time from June 2006 to July 2011, he and seven co-conspirators that had been arrested in August 2011. The FBI had been on the third day of trial in June 2013, where he had not been able to appear in court.

Yet the trial continued without him.

He had therefore been sentenced to 162 months in prison for money laundering, as well as conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and other charges. The officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation have also mentioned that he was found in Mexico City and extradited to Tucson as early as last month. This is all because he led a conspiracy to possess with the desire of distribution. And that’s of course something that the United States of America would not let fly otherwise. It’s a criminal offense and should be treated as such. Especially if it’s done in exchange for relatively dangerous acts towards public society. It’s definitely criminal to know that you’re associating with individuals who may barter for much more malicious activity than the average person and should be feared as such.

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