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Genesis GV60 EV SUV Is Going Forward With An Electric Vengeance

You are currently viewing Genesis GV60 EV SUV Is Going Forward With An Electric Vengeance
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The Genesis automaking company is going to allow for an Electric Vehicle to take precedence. Never before has Genesis been able to compete against the Hyundai and the Kia so clearly and efficiently as it gets to now. The vehicle wears bodywork that one might call interesting. In which case, perhaps the looks of the Genesis will grow over time. Likely, there are plenty of smaller details warranting the praise. Such as the clamshell hood perfectly covering up the front fenders.

In addition, there’s a good and strong C-Pillar to add to the decor and a rear hatch that may look very smart. This involves a well-made rear spoiler. The inside of the car has a fantastic-looking interior, with an assortment of side-view cameras and interior mounted screens. This is certainly incorporating the “Crystal Sphere” shift lever. When the car is off, the lever is even capable enough as showing a mood light. When you do turn back on the GV60, the shifter can even do a  small dance while flipping between different modes to switch through. Such as “Park, Neutral, Reverse and Drive.”

The GV60 has a large 77 kilowatt-hours battery pack. In addition, the pack offers about 280 miles of range with a full charge. This will be in single-motor rear drive, by advancing the vehicle with 225 horsepower. The luxury brand is going to sell the electric SUV with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system. This route boosts it up to 314 horsepower. The estimated drive range advances to about 249 miles. When needing even more bang for your buck, the Genesis EV60 is likely to compensate with an even stronger-performance based machine. The GV60 is capable of boosting to the higher horsepower.

When coming to America, Genesis is likely going to advance to a price of $50,000. This will mean that the car will enter the market in 2022, as a 2023 vehicle.

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