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Global Medical Company Builds a $65M state-of-the-art facility

You are currently viewing Global Medical Company Builds a $65M state-of-the-art facility
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A leading global medical technology company, BD, has announced it will invest $65 million to construct a state-of-the-art facility. Becton, Dickinson, and Company are going to be a hub for the company’s supply chain. It will serve as a final-stage manufacturing and sterilization center.

Global Medical Company will add New Jobs

Built on approximately 32 acres, the new 120,000 square-foot facilities, will be located at the northeast corner of Valencia and Kolb Road. It is planning to be operational in mid-2022. Moreover, BD plans to add roughly 40 new jobs, including engineers, scientists, quality control specialists, and other expert talents. In fact, Sun Corridor, Inc has projected that BD’s investment will have a $122 million economic impact over the next 10 years.

Global Medical Company: Manufacturing and Sterilization

BD is investing heavily in its in-house capacity for manufacturing and sterilization. This is due in part to the company’s response to COVID-19 and commitment to public health. In fact, this facility is going to move forward with BD’s goals of improved overall efficiency. As well as customer service levels and supply chain resilience.

Medical Supply Chain and Expanding the Footprint

Moreover, this transformational project will become an integral part of the U.S. medical device supply chain. Thus, expand the footprint BD already in Arizona. Then this includes a $1 billion BD Peripheral Intervention business unit headquartered in Tempe.

Tucson has alot of Attributes Important to Business Conduct

“However, Tucson is the right location for the pertinent infrastructure. In fact, it was selected after a close review of a number of alternate locations in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico,” said Alexandre Conroy, executive vice president, Integrated Supply Chain for BD. “The strength of its workforce and Tucson’s centrality to other parts of BD’s supply chain were in fact key factors in this decision. As well as Arizona’s favorable business climate.”

Sustainable Operations

Globally, with more than 90 medical device and health care technology manufacturing and sterilization facilities, BD has a track record of sustainable operations. Moreover, the facility will be the first in the world. It will be the first one in the world with an original design. It will meet or exceed the most stringent environmental guidelines.

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