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At Home Gardens See Rise

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Home gardens have seen a rise in popularity now the COVID-19 has locked everyone indoors. With grocery stores frantic for new products and supplies and the lack of support to smaller rural towns, many have turned their backyards into a self-sustaining garden.

At Home Sustainable Gardens

Many have decided to take feeding themselves into their own hands. For others the ownership of a garden has been their specialty for a long time. Either way, building a garden can provide a home with essential food.

There Are Numerous Ways To Begin Gardening

A quick trip the the hardware store can provide you with the basic compounds to develop your own garden. From equipment to seeds and soil your local hardware store will have everything you need.

Remember to start small when gardening. Once you maintain a few successful harvests, you can expand and grow out. Adding essential vitamins and proteins to your garden will provide you with the essential sustenance to avoid going to the grocery store for a couple of days.

Adding Livestock To Your Home Garden

Livestock such as chickens and small animals can also provide you with the necessary fertilizers to help your plants grow. Chickens can also help act as a natural pesticide as they eat bugs and seeds that can harm your garden and its plants.

Aquaponics Built For In Home Gardens

For those who wish to have a garden with enough space inside their homes, aquaponics provides a great sustainable way to grow your food. The process is simple. Take a small motor, connect to an automatic timer (much like your lawns sprinkler system) and connect it to a series of hanging plants. Set the timer to what you feel is necessary for your plants to grow healthy, and that’s about it. From there the process is automated. This does not require the time needed to tend and care for a full-sized garden.

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