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Peterbilt Unleashes A Brand New Model 579! It’s An Absolute Beaut

You are currently viewing Peterbilt Unleashes A Brand New Model 579! It’s An Absolute Beaut
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Peterbilt has just made a debut of a new generation for Model 579s. The truck was seen first on a YouTube live stream, with 1,700-plus viewers tuning on an international scale.

Firstly, Peterbilt has had its 579 designed with a clean-sheet design. The Peterbilt General Manager Jason Skoog had this to say, about the newest addition to the Peterbilt brand: “Five years of relentless focus on improving uptime, increasing fuel economy, and taking driver comfort to new heights.”

The Peterbilt 579, was able to start boasting 7% fuel economy over the past generation models. For starters, this Peterbilt 579 happens to be aerodynamic and very fuel-efficient. It is the most well-built to-date.

The exterior design enables everyone who owns one to have new sloped three-piece Metton hoods. Not to mention, they optimize aero components, and 2021 PACCAR MX-13 and MX-11 engines. These are all able to pair with the PACCAR transmission.

Peterbilt Knows How To Make Stunners

Peterbilt Director of Product Planning Andy Weiblen believes about 8 million CPU hours made the updated Model 579 phenomena. Truly, it’s turning out to be the company’s most aerodynamic truck ever. The truck design was fine-tuned with feedback from over 50 fleet partners.

Firstly, a three-piece front bumper displays a forward radar cover for collision mitigation with a larger aerodynamic air dam. Improvements to the aero mirrors, fairings, side skirts, and closeouts are helping improve.

Secondly, overall aerodynamic shape and an A-pillar vane slings airflow around the windshield to reduce friction, delivering a 10% noise reduction in the cabin. 

Standard halogen headlamps have seen major improvements. Additionally, heat-capable LED headlights were available.

Furthermore, Peterbilt diehards would not see that Pete’s iconic aerodynamic bird hood ornament/pull handle has been integrated into the hood’s side vents. Not so much of an aero-play as it is a nod to heritage. Plus, it’s a nice accent piece. Wouldn’t you also want to find yourself behind the cab of such a sweet ride?

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