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R1T Truck is Impressive

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With the wave of electric vehicles, pickup trucks are scooping up this new upgrade. Whether it’s to eventually save money or reduce your carbon footprint, an EV is the way to go. It seems like every automobile manufacturer is making attempts to sweep their customers away.

One of them being the Rivian with the R1T in the works. During the pre-production stages, the concept revealed some impressive features. These features include the towing capacity of 11,000-pounds as well as the ability to go from 0-60mph in 3 seconds.

The R1T has a lot to offer.

The R1T is said to have solar panels to their tonneau covers. This would provide portable power for the electric truck. This would also add meaningful energy for the main traction battery.

If this isn’t wowing you, we don’t know what will! This would have a huge impact on truck drivers everywhere. After all, truckers do have to spend a lot of money on fuel. Because of that, a lot of people avoid pulling the trigger, even on the truck of their dreams. With electric trucks, though, that worry might be a thing of the past.

As of right now, this may be putting Rivian ahead of the Hummer EV and Tesla’s Cybertruck.

The Hummer EV just made an announcement, releasing its ‘crab mode’ feature. This allows the vehicle to move sideways, like a crab. Imagine what it would be like to parallel park with such grace?

But apparently, the R1T has similar features. The truck is able to climb rocky hills. It seems as if this vehicle, with a quad-motor system, can blend in any environment. Impressed?

Although there is still some time that is needed, customers will be waiting with anticipation. The release will be some time at the end of this year. However, you can preorder through Rivian.

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