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Spring Break Road Trips to Take in Arizona

You are currently viewing Spring Break Road Trips to Take in Arizona
Sedona is a great place to go see the red rocks in spring!
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Spring is here and not only does that mean weather changes, but it also means spring break is around the corner! If you live in Arizona and you have an upcoming spring break but have no idea how or where to spend it, here are some of the best road trip options to make the most of last minute Spring Break plans!

Head Out West to Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu State Park is a classic spring break destination. If you want to enjoy the water in the spring without dealing with the party culture of places like Miami, then Lake Havasu is perfect! It tends to get busy, but with a lot less college students going wild, so it is a safer option for families. You can enjoy all kinds of water sports and lakeside activities. It is a great opportunity to go camping and first introduce kids to things like boat rides, tubing, jet-skiing, and more!

Take a Hike Around Red Rock Country

Red Rock Country includes five different parks with various amenities. There is Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Fort Verde State Historic Park, Red Rock State Park, Slide Rock State Park, and Jerome State Historic Park. There are lots of great opportunities to camp or stay in a cabin, hike, kayak, canoe, tour museums, and more! The best part is these are all in the Sedona area, so in one trip you could visit all five parks and see all of the beauty of the area!

Trek Around Southern Arizona

You can first enjoy the beauty of the Lost Dutchman State Park. Here, you can travel around the Superstition Mountains and enjoy great camping locales or stay in a nearby cabin. Then, about 30 minutes outside of Tucson is Picacho Peak State Park. Here you can continue on your hiking trek and see beautiful fields of wildflowers. You can also find the starting base of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Catalina State Park. On trails around these mountains, you can find gorgeous waterfalls and creeks. Lastly, head out to the Patagonia Lake State Park for some more awesome experiences by the water!

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