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Tucson Woman Survived Truck Crash

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Woehale Au, a woman from Tucson who got in a crash involving a truck on May 31, is now recovering in a hospital and shares her sad and scary experience from the hospital bed at the Banner University Medical Center.


The accident happened on I-10 near Avra Valley Road when Au and her 5-year old son Alonzo were on their way to Tucson. When the crash occurred, she found herself trapped under a tractor-trailer where she spent over an hour before being rescued and flown to the hospital.


Au says that it felt like there were tons of metals on her and it felt hot. She was awake the whole time and tried to stay calm when the rescue team was talking to her but as she felt heat and pain she panicked and screamed for help. Hearing that she was going to get pulled out was a huge relief to her.


On her way to the hospital Au could only think about her son. Fortunately, Alonzo was alright and the crash left him with a few bruises. Au herself is not that lucky. She has blood clots in her lungs, some broken bones and bleeding in her brain. Luckily, none of the injuries are life-threatening and Au is going to be removed to a rehab facility.


Au and her son are truly lucky. Alonzo even got his stuffed animal back after it had been thrown out from the car during the crash. DPS troopers searched the side of the freeway and the boy reunited with toy in the hospital.

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