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Sustainability at The New Novak Hair Salon

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Novak Hair Salon is well-known for their sustainability efforts. And because they’re so motivated, they will be opening a new salon at the Standard at Chisenhall. You’ll be able to get a carefree new trim in October, Fort Worth!

If this news isn’t exciting enough, this salon is generous with their customers. Not only do they provide complimentary refreshments, but they offer a luxurious experience. With free wifi and a well-lit studio for the before and after pictures, what’s there more to love?

To add more to the hoopla, Novak was the first salon in the city to ride on the zero-waste train. Of course, it’s a mission so they are prone to make mistakes but compared to everyone else, this is lovely.

The salon’s air purification and water reducing systems have earned them the Green Circle Salon Certification. How spectacular! Plus, they are participating in “save the bees.”

Plus, you won’t have to wonder if your hair clippings are going in the trash. The hair will be composted to give back to our Earth!

In addition to recycling hair, they will be recycling tin foil scraps. Aside from that, they will also be conscious of disposing of hair dye chemicals.

Novak founder and co-owner Benjamin Novak Hudgins says:

“One of our core missions at Novak Hair Studios is a commitment to changing the industry. That means not going to cities that already have zero-waste salons options for clients, but stepping into a space that is hungry for innovation and change. We think Burleson is ready for a luxury experience with sustainable benefits for everyone.”

On October 4th, join them for their grand opening! If that’s not enough, there will be mimosas and doughnuts.

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