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Trucker Shot by a Suspect when Escaping from Police

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TONOPAH, Arizona — A trucker was injured by a murder suspect who shot at his rig while fleeing police on Interstate 10. The man later opened fire at a nearby rest stop.

The incident began around 1:50 a.m. on Tuesday morning, as troopers were searching for 36-year-old Sladjan Petkovic which is a suspect in a deadly shooting near Phoenix, earlier in the morning.

An officer who was searching for Petkovic, came across a stopped tractor-trailer on Interstate 10 in Tonopah, Arizona, according to the local news reports.

The officer approached the rig and the truck driver told the officer that a man shot him. He had suffered injuries from broken glass.

Man Who Shot Trucker Found Shortly After

Officers searched the nearby Bouse Wash Rest Stop. They found Petkovic standing outside of the dark Jeep Cherokee, at around 2:40 a.m.

The suspect then reportedly began shooting at troopers with what officers described as a “long gun.” The officers returned fire. The gunfire lasted for “at least 30 minutes” according to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office.

Petkovic was “severely injured” in the shootout, but no officers or witnesses were hurt in the incident.

The identity of the truck driver, as well as his current condition, are not yet public knowledge.

The police are not searching for other suspects. However, they are shutting down Interstate 10 west of Tonopah from mile marker 81 to mile marker 45.

Westbound I-10 traffic will be redirected north to US 60 via Salome Road at milepost 81 and will return to I-10 via Vicksburg Road at milepost 45. When the westbound lanes will be reopen is unclear. These closures will definitely affect traffic for some time, but it shouldn’t last for that much time. After all, police investigations take time, but the detectives will work quickly so as to not gum up the roads for too long.

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