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Tucson DUI Patrols On Super Bowl Night

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According to statistic, when there is a night like Super Bowl night, a chance to get into a car crash is twice as high as on any other Sunday night in February. That is why Tucson law enforcement expanded the use of DUI patrols in their efforts to reduce the number of alcohol related vehicle accidents.

The grant for DUI crackdowns for Tucson police came from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. With this extra money, the police will be able to set up checkpoints and pay overtime for police to stay vigilant. The grant will also help Tucson police get the word out about the increased patrols. After all, it won’t be able to deter drunk drivers if they don’t know there are more patrols. The goal isn’t to catch drunk drivers; it’s to prevent them from driving in the first place.

Tucson Officials Want to Prevent DUI Incidents

Every day, about 30 people die in car accidents because the driver is under the influence of alcohol. Those numbers tend to rise around large events, which the Super Bowl certainly is. After all, hundreds of millions of people watch the Super Bowl every year, and many usually do with alcohol. This leads to people driving irresponsibly many years, greatly increasing the risk of a tragedy around the Super Bowl. It’s good that Tucson is taking steps to prevent DUIs.

There was also Tipsy Tow Service available in Tucson for the Super Bowl night, and the Arizona Department of Transportation put the sings on the roads telling drivers that “designated drivers are Super Bowl most valuable players.” Between these efforts and the increased patrols, officials across the state are hoping to keep its streets safe. The Super Bowl is supposed to be a joyous occasion where people all over the country get to relax, eat, and watch football, It doesn’t need to be a tragic day, too.

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  1. Kendra

    My best friend’s father passed due to a collision with a drunk driver. Anything that cracks down on DUI’s are good in my book. People need to understand that other people’s lives are at risk whenever we get behind the wheel. I had no idea there are 30 fatalities a day due to drunk driving. We all need to do better as a collective.

    1. Eurekajean

      I definitely agree, Kendra.

  2. Eurekajean

    Wow! I just shared this post on my Google + page.

    I think it is sad that we even have to have these discussions and that there are still a crazy amount of drivers under the influence. Can we say scary?

    However the “Super Bowl Most Valuable Players” bit was a light hearted touch. I have not lost anyone to drunk driving, but I watch the news and literally every month or technically three weeks, there is a drunk driving report. We all need to value our lives and others. Thanks for this article!

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