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Tuscon Has The Lowest Gas Prices In Arizona

You are currently viewing Tuscon Has The Lowest Gas Prices In Arizona
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As gas prices keep falling nationwide, despite high demand, Tucson has the lowest gas prices in Arizona. The average cost for gas per gallon in Tucson is now 40 cents lower than a year ago, according to AAA Arizona.


As reported on Thursday the average gas price in Tucson is $2.06 per gallon after it has fallen down 3 cents in a week. The average gas price a year ago was $2.43 per gallon.


The average gas price statewide has not changed over the week remaining at $2.23 per gallon. Nationwide, the average price is $2.32 per gallon, 4 cents lower than a week ago.


Even though the demand is about to set the new record for the summer season, but the supplies of gas are keeping up with it.


Because of the economy situation in the world, the gas prices in the US will continue falling including the cities in Arizona where prices went up a bit this week, such as Flagstaff, Prescott, Yuma and Scottsdale.


Falling of the gas prices means a good time for road trips. According to AAA, 73 percent of Arizonian travelers are planning a road trip for the July 4.

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  1. Nancy McKnabb

    Nice to see the prices down. What I can’t understand is why it was reported when the prices went up that higher fuel prices for the trucks are why prices for groceries and etc were up. Yet when the prices came way down the grocery prices stayed up.

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