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United Way of The Copper State Offers Free Tax Help

You are currently viewing United Way of The Copper State Offers Free Tax Help
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United Way’s “Volunteer Tax Assistance” or “VITA” is a free program for anyone with a combined annual household income of $66,000 or less. This year, United Way is partnering with the Pio Decimo Center in Tucson. This is incredibly helpful for people and necessary. People still need to file their taxes and get on with their life despite the COVID-19 pandemic and all ensuing situations related and otherwise.

United Way “Volunteer Tax Assistance” or “VITA”

“The biggest concern is if people didn’t get their stimulus payment. A number of people, who have never had to file before, are filing this year because it’s the only way to get the stimulus,” said United Way of Southern Arizona Associate Vice President of Community Development, Ken Briggs.

“The idea for low-income tax preparation is to help those with low and moderate-income to get the credits they can receive. Therefore, make sure their tax return is accurate. Then help them stay away from preparers that might generate a fraudulent return,” Briggs said.

United Way: Online Service for Taxes

This year in 2021, the service is provided primarily. Moreover, this change occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, but one that student volunteers, such as Margaret Krenke, is not letting that stop them. Brave people know life goes on and people have to move forward and it really is business is as usual and must be addressed as such.

Talking to Clients and Learning about Them During the Unusual Times of COVID-19 Pandemic

“Therefore, I really have a great time having conversations with clients and hearing about their lives and what their last year in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic has looked like,” said Krenke.

Tax Preparers are IRS-Certified

Moreover, all “VITA” volunteers are IRS-certified.

“VITA” is an opportunity to try out a possible career. For those she is helping, it is a necessary service they may not have otherwise had. Krenke said.

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