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University Of Arizona Clocking In Highest International Enrollment

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In case you haven’t noticed, the entire United States has been totally hit by the Corona Virus pandemic. It certainly has been an odd time in the United States. And that said, it has more to do with the fact that there is total interest. Where? In holding up the standards of being an educated individual in the country. As is such, the case lies within about forty-nine-thousand students enrolling in University of Arizona, this fall alone. And above that, more than 5,400 of them happen to be international students. However, the enrollment trend seen out of the University of Arizona is interesting. It is not what tends to happen so easily at colleges and universities as of now. The number happens to be on the rise for the University of Arizona. So it really is no commonality. The pandemic has even forced about face.

Of course, there is information deriving from the resource center on international students. This happens to be under sponsorship by the U.S. Department of State, where international student enrollment would drop from about 1,095,299 in 2019 to about 914,095 in 2021. Of course, Brent White, the Vice President for global affairs and a dean of global education for the University of Arizona, has some big news. He may have mentioned in a news release that there has been an uptick of international student enrollment reflecting a “coordinated and holistic approach to global education that was a pillar of the university’s strategic plan long before COVID.”

The University of Arizona has been a pillar for success when it comes to finding it’s current strategic plan to redefine thier global university within the digital age.

“This approach involves meeting students wherever they are and providing opportunities to earn a UArizona degree in their home country, at the main campus in Tucson, online or any combination of the three.” This is a fact, according to White.

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