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Why Open Auto Shipping Is the Most Popular Way to Move a Car

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Open carriers allow us to carry more cars than others!
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In the world of car transport, open transport is king. The vast majority of orders that we and other car transporters get are for this service. It’s the standard choice for almost everyone who needs to move a car, van, truck, bus, or any other type of vehicle. Here’s why open auto shipping is the most common and popular way people ship their cars all over the country:

Open Auto Shipping is Easy to Plan

Open transport has a huge advantage over its counterpart, enclosed transport, in how easy it is to plan one of these shipments. It’s easy because there are a lot more open car carriers out there than enclosed carriers. Enclosed carriers are harder to find because of their more specialized equipment and because they have a lower capacity. Open carriers are more efficient, which is why car transporters carry more of them. It’s also why the next point comes into play with open transport.

Open Auto Shipping is the Most Affordable Option

That increased efficiency reduces our costs, too. We prefer to ship as many cars at once, and in order to make that happen, we’ll pass the savings that we’ll get from being more efficient down to you. Open transport is therefore the best option for the budget-conscious mover, and many people appreciate having an affordable shipping option.

And Customizing Your Open Shipment is Easy!

Our drivers have a lot of experience with open shipping because of how popular it is. This also means that our drivers are able to customize your order as much as you want! Want to get your car shipped to its destination as soon as possible? Want us to ship your car right from your old home to your new one? Our team can handle this without an issue with open shipping. We’ll make your shipment on our open carrier the perfect shipment for your needs!

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