AAA Arizona Has Some Travel Tips For You

Scams that target consumers booking travel online has been drastically increasing according to AAA Travel Experts. While booking travel online offers the ability to compare prices and read online reviews. It is estimated that hotel booking scams cost...Read More

“Toilet To Tap” Water Treatment Soon To Be Legal In Arizona

Arizona may be legalizing the practice of treating wastewater for drinking purposes by the end of the year. In six months, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is expected to propose the legalization of "direct potable reuse". Waste water ...Read More

If You Are A Survivor of US Military Personnel…You May Be Eligible For A Waiver Regarding Some Vehicle Fees

A new state law has been passed in the state of Arizona. Survivors of military personnel are going to be waived from paying some fees regarding vehicles at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The law permits a surviving spouse of dependent of milita...Read More

Why is the I-10 Ranked the Deadliest Road in America?

The Interstate-10 runs from Florida to California and has been ranked as the 4th most deadly road in America. About 400 miles of the I-10 runs through Arizona, which makes it a well traveled road for the residents of Arizona. The factor...Read More


Old Tucson School To Become Farm Or Trucking Parking Lot

Julia Keen Elementary school in Tucson was closed in 2004 due to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base’s flight path. Between 2005 and 2013 the school was occupied by the nonprofit organization World Care which left due to water pipe damage.   ...Read More