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How Tucson Residents Improve Their Health? ”Garden Kitchen” Nutrition and Cooking Classes

Let’s agree that it’s not easy to find a job in a 1.1.square –Mile City of South Tucson. Some have part-time jobs, some can’t find any.   This financial struggle makes it difficult for the residents to have health insurance or even...Read More

university of arizona fall semester

UA Welcomes Over 8,000 Freshmen Breaking Last Year’s Records

The University of Arizona started its fall semester on Monday, with nearly 8,000 freshman undergraduate students for the 2018-2019 academic year.       The University of Arizona said t...Read More

tucson legal smoking age

Tucson Officials to Raise Minimum Age to 21 for Buying Tobacco and E-Cigarettes

Tucson officials are looking to raise the purchasing age for tobacco and e-cigarettes within the city limits as an overwhelming majority of smokers taking up the habit in or before high school. On Wednesday, the Tucson City Council will consider e...Read More

tucson driver citation

Arizona’s ‘Stupid Motorist Law’: How Long is it Enforced?

You hear about it during every monsoon - Arizona's 'Stupid Motorist Law. It has been around for more than 20 years, but how often is it actually enforced? An investigation will find it out.   When monsoon storms roll in, there is a possibi...Read More


WalletHub Study Shows Why Tucson is Ranked 8th as the Best City

A recent study called WalletHub has found that Tucson comes in 8th place out of 100 cities in America that is the best for recreation.   The WalletHub study assessed the recreational facilities of different cities throughout Ame...Read More

tucson realtors

Lawmakers Being Banned from Ever Taxing Services

Realtors formally launched their bid to have voters ban Arizona lawmakers from ever taxing services, even if legislators also reduced or eliminated taxes on other necessities or said the state needed the revenues.   Over 400,000 signatures...Read More


FlixBus is the First European Bus Service in Tucson, AZ

A European bus service called FlixBus has made its way to the States. It is based in Old Pueblo, Arizona.   The bus station now offers one-way rides to Phoenix, Arizona for just $10. It also provides rides to cities in California and Nevad...Read More

explorer program

Explorer Program Teen Arrested for Impersonating Police Officer

19-year-old Brennan Ray thought he could get away with impersonating a police officer and kidnapping two girls. Navideh Forghani, a spokeswoman for Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, claims that the troubled teen was once a member of their “Explorer ...Read More

arizona weather

Arizona Weather Broke a Record on Sunday with 106 Degree Temperature

Off a northern Arizona highway surrounded by pastel-colored desert is one of the starkest examples of drought's grip on the American Southwest:  Nearly 200 dead horses surrounded by cracked earth, swirling dust, and a ribbon of water that couldn't q...Read More

uber arizona

State Governor Suspended Uber’s Self-Driving Vehicle Testing

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey suspended Uber's self-driving vehicle testing privileges Monday in the wake of a pedestrian fatality in a Phoenix suburb last week.   Ducey told the company CEO Dara Khosrowshahi that video footage of the crash rais...Read More