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Best Thanksgiving Movies to Watch This Holiday Season

You are currently viewing Best Thanksgiving Movies to Watch This Holiday Season
Have a happy, healthy, family fun-filled Thanksgiving!
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We celebrate Turkey Day today, also known as Thanksgiving! We are super excited to gather around our loved ones and share a delicious meal together while we share laughter and gratitude. Since Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks, it is important to remember all that is good and joyous in your life! While spending time with family like this, it is a great time to partake in some activities together! It is a great time to play board games, card games, and watch movies together! Of course, you could always get started and start watching some Christmas Classics, but there are also some movies that either include Thanksgiving with the Christmas tale it tells or are entirely centered around Thanksgiving time. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving classics!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

It is not truly holiday season until the Charlie Brown holiday classics come out to air. This 25-minute feature shows Charlie Brown and his group of friends in the Peanuts gang gather for their own Thanksgiving meal. Hilarity and classic family fun ensue!

Tower Heist

This is a more recent action-comedy movie taking place largely on actual Thanksgiving. The movie features a heist, hence the name, taking place in New York City, also known as the city that hosts the largest Thanksgiving Day parade watched by millions in person and millions more on television. The movie is overall a fun Thanksgiving film!

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

This movie is not quite a Thanksgiving movie, as it predominately takes place surrounding Black Friday. A mall security guard working the evening of the mall’s biggest day, Black Friday, ends up saving a group of hostages who are being held by a group of thieves intending to rob the mall dry. The movie is a lighthearted, fun time for all in the family!

You’ve Got Mail

While this movie is not focused on the holiday itself, it is set entirely in the holiday season, predominantly around Thanksgiving. This means that it has a prominent nostalgic, fall feeling. The movie is a cozy romcom that will certainly put anyone in the holiday spirit! It is the perfect holiday movie that is not too holiday focused!

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