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Fire Station To Protect Firefighters From Toxic Chemicals

You are currently viewing Fire Station To Protect Firefighters From Toxic Chemicals
This local fire station is planning to save the firefighters from danger with the certainty of distancing from toxic chemicals.
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The city is decidedly moving forth with a construction plan of a fire station only Northwest of the International Airport. The project officials made it known that the design of the fire station is critical to the health and the safety of first responders.

Council members have approved the purchase of three acres of land around South Nogales Highway as well as East Drexel Road in order to house the newest station, This allows for the construction of the larger facility for a replacement of the Fire Station 14. This tiny fire house is found in a residential neighborhood about half of a mile from the new location.

The Sunnyside School District owns the property whereabouts the new facility can be built. However , staffers are meant to pay about $400,000 for the land at which point the deal will be closed.

The Officials themselves believe that the lot happens to be in an “optimal location,” being that it provides simple access to a main roadway so firefighters are themselves in no need to argue with the neighborhood’s road blocks.

The Fire Station Will Be Capable Of Protection Against Plenty Of Different Chemicals.

Of course there speaks the TFD Assistant Chief Joe Gulotta. “When you go to a fire, there are thousands of different chemicals burning and turning into this toxic soup of smoke. If we don’t have a mechanism for separating it and getting it off our bodies, we contaminate the station and then we’re absorbing all of these toxins into our bodies.”

Furthermore, the facility will save firefighters from the dangers of toxins with the airlocked doors. This area will involve “wash stations.” Where they are able to clean up while they track chemicals into multiple parts of the station.

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