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Honda Ridgeline RTL-E Is Basically The Best, Sans The HPD Hardware

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When you look at the latest Honda car, you can tell that it’s a thing of innovation. This iteration of the Honda Ridgeline isn’t too different or far-off from the original Ridgeline. The HPD has a level of integrity in the five-spoke wheels. When you bring in these 18-inch rims, they are equipped with the HPD package. What exactly is the HPD? That’s an acronym for Honda Performance Development. In this, it is an upsell of $2,800. The HPD represents what Honda does as a parent company making a sub brand that accessorizes the Ridgeline in various ways. Such as allowing for golden wheels, aggressive grilles, plastic flares on the fender, and rear quarter-panel graphics. On top of that, there’s also a trucks snout and stance that can be driven and experienced, minus the HPD add-ons.

But if you subtract the HPD from the Honda RTL-E… The accessories removed, the Honda Ridgeline is actually pretty impressive, in a non-ironic way. The Honda Ridgeline has a 3.5-liter V-6 engine which appears to be more congruent than the churning of butter. It works on forward as a nine-speed auto transmission. With a smooth gearbox, this can deliver results that the Ridgeline has always needed. The All-Wheel-Drive is certainly amazing. Certainly, when you take a peek inside, the Honda Ridgeline allows for a spacious inside that will skip past a body-on-frame.

The Ridgeline has an interior that is pretty cool, being that the leather seats have frontal insulation, wireless chargers and a “bed exciter,” utilizing sound from outside of the vehicle to create a very cool sound on the truck bed. Honda really has their career ahead of them with the advancements to be made on the Ridgeline. It’s an accurate and strong vehicle with a 540-watt audio system. This is what can be given the strongest amount of attention from the pickup line. So go buy it maybe!

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