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IndyCar Not Far From Hybrid Racing in 2023

You are currently viewing IndyCar Not Far From Hybrid Racing in 2023
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IndyCar Racing is catching up to first-place phenomena, hybrid electric vehicles. How? Well, Chevrolet and Honda are both agreeing to deliver the promise of going green.

Their current generations of twin turbo V6 engines have killed it since debuting in 2012. This allows Chevrolet and Honda to deliver lap speeds of up to 230 miles per hour.

The two racing giants are installing yet another surprise, an additional kinetic energy recovery system will give off an electric jolt. This will help rally up the speed up to a targeted 900 miles per hour.

It’s a belief that 1,000 will be the next goal to hit in the planned five-year cycle.

IndyCar Is IndyCool But Honda’s Not Involving With Formula1 Anymore

Unfortunately, Honda has to bow out of the Formula1 Racing Circuit. This leaves RedBull without wings and McLaren a-laughing. The issue was that it just became too difficult to keep supplying those Honda engines.

It is what it is.

This comes across to me as full-circle. I was powering my HotWheels cars with nothing but push-pull-tactics. My hand isn’t gas-powered. It’s love powered. I loved racing and I loved the rush of it. Isn’t it nice to still go into arcades and play those games like you used to when you were young? I still wonder if kids are attached to automobiles the way I was. There’s just so much riding on the crossing of one checkered flag. As if it gives you permission to leave your checkered past behind. Wouldn’t that be delightful in the long run?

I’m sure Reuss thinks so.

General Motors president Mark Reuss believes IndyCar is perfect for “our engine technology.” Whereas the head of Honda’s Performance Development had other words to say. He’s looking forward to “electrified products that will meet industry challenges and delight our customers.”

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