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Kandi: An Affordable Electric Car Now Less

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Kandi is looking to make big moves within the US auto industry. They plan to have a fully electric car for now under $10,000 USD.

The auto company has been making headlines over the past few months. With their original starting price expecting to be $13,000 USD leaving many finding other alternatives, they are making cost cuts like no other.

When they first attempted the price, it actually came out to a whopping $20,000 USD. This first impression almost completely killed the vehicle right then and there. If you are a new car buyer, and you want to purchase a vehicle that can get you anywhere safely and affordably, there are plenty of other options you can take outside of a 20k EV that gets less than half of a Tesla.

Another factor to mention was the overall effectiveness of the vehicle itself. With many Americans living in large cities, this makes sense. For rural residents, this might be an issue.

Now, the company is looking to bounce back. With its initial approach, they have found that many are not looking to make the switch for that price. In order to redeem themselves, they are putting the price of the car at 10K USD.

Since then, interest is renewing for the tiny affordable EV.

The company is starting its base of operations in Texas. The state is currently catering to a larger influx of electric automakers. Currently, Tesla is developing its $1 billion dollar Gigafactory.

The company has a lot to compete with. With 2021 launching many competitive vehicles such as the Hummer EV, new Tesla’s, and many other vehicles providing a lot more, Kandi doesn’t have much in terms of competition.

The company is attempting to take hold of the affordable EV market. With so many car companies looking to one-up each other, they seem to be overlooking the potential for cheaper electric vehicles.

Overall, Kandi Looks to make cheaper EV’s for those looking to make the switch. Will they be successful in establishing themselves in a US market? We will have to look to the future.

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