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Power Outages Effect 18,000 Homes

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Tucson, AZ – Heavy monsoon rains and fast winds are disrupting the flow of life in the area. With over 18,000 power outages reported, many are left without the necessities in their homes.

Tucson is experiencing somewhat of a hard season. With storms coming in and tearing trees down, this is resulting in massive outages across the city.

On top of that, the area is still going through its stay-at-home ordinance. With many people continuing safe distancing measures and staying inside, the current summer heat is taking its toll.

“We are staying inside and doing the right thing,’ says Danielle Ramirez, a resident of Tucson.” We are stuck staying inside with no AC and its approaching 100 degrees outside.”

While the heat takes its toll on residents without power, many are putting their efforts on the elderly living.

“These are the most important people we need to protect right now,” says Jane Alderman, a registered caregiver. “We are seeing temperatures that are high and this typically causes problems. What is more dangerous is that we don’t have any power for a lot of elderly centers. These people are the highest risk for heat stroke and various other issues due to no power for air conditioning and the temperatures outside.”

Over the past few days, electricians and power companies have been working endlessly to help relieve some of the stress that many residents are feeling. They have been quick to act in order to help the community at large.

Still, over 350 families across the area are still without power. The projected timeline to put everyone back is by Monday. Still, the threat of overheating and heat exhaustion is prevalent, especially with the elderly.

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