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Strip Clubs Allowed To Operate in Tucson

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Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay
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Restaurants, bars, and other businesses are allowed to open in Tucson…so why not strip clubs? That is the current plan for the city. While places such as food stores and small businesses open, many are looking to other means of entertainment outside of sitting at home.

Christie’s Cafe opened up on May 14th. Since they have opened their night-life establishment, they have seen things return (albeit slightly lower than normal) to everyday life.

But how does a strip club open during a global pandemic such as COVID-19? The proper safety protocols need to be followed by both staffers, bartenders and dancers.

“People are happy to get out of their homes and be part of our society,” said General Manager Bill Martin.

Since these clubs often accommodate food and drinks, they have been given the green light to open operations.

Strip Clubs Open With Precautions

Now, with the basic principles of typical strip clubs, how does one go about enjoying the benefits of a night-life establishment?

Obviously lap dances are still a thing-right?

“Most customers aren’t interested in lap dances they want to adhere to social distancing as well,” replied Martin.

Tables can be spread apart by at least 6-feet. Patrons are required to wear masks and other typical accommodations must be met for reopening.

These have all been the standard tropes for any restaurant or bar to open. While strip clubs have the added bonus of dancers, the principles remain the same.

As for the well-being of dancers, there are proper protocols in place. Each dancer must not dance face-to-face with other dancers as well as patrons, and all must retain the six-feet social distancing in order to remain safe.

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