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18 Year Old Shot Dead In Tucson… Shooter Called 911

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Pima County Sheriffs Department responded to a shooting on the South West side on the night on January 29. Interestingly, the person who called 911 was the shooter himself!

Deputies arrived on scene around 5pm when they received a call from a man stating he had just shot someone. He cooperated fully with the authorities even after they arrived and took him into custody.

The incident occurred near South Cardinal Ave and Los Reales Rd. The victim was identified as 18 year old Keanu Corella.

Shooter Called 911 After Shooting Boy on His Property

No information was available immediately after the call about the shooter. Later, the police identified the caller as the caretaker of the property where the shooting occurred.

Keanu Corella was rushed to the ER by first responders but he did not make it in time. The 18 year old man who was shot had a revolver in his possession when the shooting occurred. This begs the question of why he had a firearm with him at the time of the shooting.

The man who called 911 has been detained and is considered a person of interest. Police do not intend to release his name at this time.

No charges have been filled and the investigation remains open. However, given what we know about the case so far, this seems like a clear case of self-defense. After all, in Arizona, it’s legal to defend your property with lethal force, including with a firearm.

This case is a bit of a tragedy due to the age of the boy who died. However, given that the boy had a revolver in his possession when the shooting occurred, it seems likely that he had bad intentions. Hopefully the police can get to the bottom of this case and dispense justice as necessary.

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