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3 Tucson Schools in the Top 25 Schools in the US

You are currently viewing 3 Tucson Schools in the Top 25 Schools in the US
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US News & World Report publishes the list of the 25 best schools in the country annually. This time, three Tucson schools have made their way to the top of the school list.

Basis Tucson North was ranked the third and Basis Oro Valley was ranked the sixth on the list of schools that are identified as the best to prepare students for college and work. University High School was also included in the list and ranked the 24th.

Over 21,500 public schools were evaluated for the list. Last year Basis Oro Valley and Basis Tucson North were not on the list because of an occurred error. Both schools were present on the list in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Their return to the list is a welcome sight, as Tucson parents of course want to send their kids to good schools.

University High School was #7 in 2014 and #17 last year. While it’s going down in the rankings, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the school is getting worse. In fact, it’s much more likely to reflect other schools getting better or the ranking calculation changing.

School Ranking Includes 14 from Tucson

About 2,700 schools made the national rankings, including 14 Tucson public schools. Tucson performed quite well in the ranking, with two schools in the top ten. That’s a pretty serious bar that the city has set for itself! Hopefully it continues to do well on future rankings of this type.

A four-step process helped determine the ranks for schools. The steps included analyzing students’ performance, minority and low-income students’ performance, graduation rates and college-readiness of the students.

US News & Report also ranked states, with Arizona being the 30th which is a decline from being #26 in 2015. The leader in that list for both last year and this year is Maryland.

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  1. kat

    This is pretty cool! Maybe if other school systems took a look at how Tucson runs its school, they would do this good as well!

  2. Jen

    Wow, I’m incredibly impressed — Tucson is clearly doing something right. I’m surprised Arizona was all the way at 30th when Tucson is doing well. The rest of the state (and country) should analyze what they’re doing right.

  3. JR

    I would be more interested to know how many of those students go on to college and later success, and I hope such studies as this follow them. I think a school can do well at getting students to memorize things without preparing them for real, dynamic success.

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