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FlixBus is the First European Bus Service in Tucson, AZ

You are currently viewing FlixBus is the First European Bus Service in Tucson, AZ
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A European bus service called FlixBus has made its way to the States. It is based in Old Pueblo, Arizona.


The bus station now offers one-way rides to Phoenix, Arizona for just $10. It also provides rides to cities in California and Nevada.


A ride to Los Angeles or Las Vegas would cost less than $20. Talk about affordable transportation!


FlixBus is a bus service business that started up in Munich. It has become very popular in all parts of Europe.


It recently opened up its first station in Tucson, Arizona. The buses now include more legroom, access to movies, video games and a digital library with no charge. The Wi-Fi is included in the bus fare, so it’s basically free! What more can you ask for?


The company’s goal is to show people that buses are a convenient way to travel long distances. They want to end the myth that buses are boring and uncomfortable. They’re doing a pretty good job if you ask me.


Director of FlixBus USA, Pierre Gourdain says the company wants people to have access to travel “comfortably and affordably.”


The buses have their unique look. A flashy green along with big letters that reads “FLiXBUS.”


The bright green color represents how the company is environment-friendly. When people purchase their tickets online, they are given the option to donate to a tree-planting organization.


Just like Uber, these buses are operated through an online platform. The company partnered up with charter bus corporations to be able to achieve this service.


Residents of Tucson now have access to go to 20 different cities with FlixBus. 11 of the cities are in California, and two are in Nevada, which leaves the other 6 in Arizona.


There are different departure times every day. All information and departure times can be found on their website.


As of right now, the only FlixBus stop in Tucson is at a Denny’s parking lot by 555 N. Freeway.


If the demand and use of these buses rise, more stops will be added. The company plans to expand to as much as 1,000 cities by the end of this year.


A round trip from Tucson to LA would cost about $40.


So now, people in Tucson have more access to visit other cities in the West Coast at a great price.


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