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Freezing Families! Temperatures Provoke Action by Tucson Organizations!

You are currently viewing Freezing Families! Temperatures Provoke Action by Tucson Organizations!
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To protect locals, community organizations take action by responding to freeze warnings.

For example, the Salvation Army commenced “Operation Deep Freeze.” This campaign is designated for Friday’s expected low temperature of 34 degrees with precipitation. In preparation for the temperatures to worsen, the project will continue to March 30. This operation will open a hostility house with the hours 9 AM to 9 PM at the Salvation Army Tucson Hospitality House.

Saturday morning the weather is set to get even worse! With a low of 29 degrees on Saturday morning and 28 degrees on Sunday morning expectations for last weekend of the year are low.

The Salvation Army is already applauding the community’s efforts. This past week at the Naughton’s Plumping and the Hostility house, residents have been dropping off coats, blankets, gloves, socks, boots, and sweaters for those in need. The Tucson community has been working hard to keep all members of the community warm. Also, the Salvation Army is still excepting any donations!

Another operation that is set to begin this Friday is “Operation Freeze.” Starting at 1 PM the Department of Transportation will begin checking all 58 city bridges to make sure nothing ices over. The group will monitor the bridges continuously to keep citizens safe. In order to keep ice from forming on bridges and roadways the department will be spraying magnesium chloride on such areas. This substance will not have a negative impact on water or vegetation.

Lastly, as an extra precaution, the Fire Department suggests that locals protect their pipes, plants, and pets during the winter.

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