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Healthcare Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate at Banner Health

You are currently viewing Healthcare Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate at Banner Health
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Healthcare workers say they are willing to go from the frontlines to the unemployment lines as facilities are announcing employees must be vaccinating against COVID-19. Most employees with Banner Health in a Southwest state are going to be requiring to be vaccinating against COVID-19 or lose their jobs if they do refuse.

Healthcare Workers and the Public are Large are Vocal about the Vaccine Mandate

There were a couple of dozen people gathering outside Banner Health’s main campus in Tucson, Arizona to protest the vaccine requirement. It consisted of Banner Health employees, their families, and community members.

Marian Machado and Her Stance Against the Vaccine Mandate

Machado said she was nervous. She has worked as a nurse for 11 years. Machado is not a Banner Health employee but she said she attended the support of the healthcare workers. Who, like her, have chosen not to get the vaccination.

Unfortunately, Machado doesn’t have her job anymore. She said, about two months ago, her employer began mandating COVID-19 vaccines.

The situation is dire. Machado explains if the nurses are not vaccinating, we are automatically on a mandated leave of absence. Then, if we are still not vaccinated within the next 30 years, we will be considering to have voluntarily resign,” Machado said.

Citing Religious Beliefs and Medical Reasons

Moreover, Machado said she chose not to get vaccinating for both religious beliefs and medical reasons.

“Therefore, I might be able to be given an exemption, but I’m still not able to work,” Machado said.

Identifying himself only as Lonny, another protestor, said he has no affiliation with Banner Health. In fact, Lonny said he is fully vaccinating. Therefore, he wants others to be able to make that decision for themselves.

Lonny said if somebody does decide for whatever reason after consulting with their doctor that they don’t want to get vaccinating, that, in fact, should be their choice,” he said.

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