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Mercedes-Benz Removes The A-Class Sedan From U.S. Sales

You are currently viewing Mercedes-Benz Removes The A-Class Sedan From U.S. Sales
It's ultimately come time to say goodbye to a classic. The entry-level Mercedes-Benz is saying "goodbye" as the brand axes it out of the U.S.
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A-Class sedan fans? You can start mourning. The entry-level flagship model for Mercedes-Benz is not going to exist any further than it has been. The A-Class sedan is going to have to ditch the U.S. market after the 2022 model year. This is such as the A220 four-door model was the most affordable vehicle in the lineup. At $35,000, you could really be cruising the streets, looking like a stunner. But alas, the vehicle will not be available in Mercedes-Benz dealerships after the 2022 model year. Such a vehicle lost, it will be soon replaced by the GLA-class crossover as the new lowest-cost sedan you could ever stand, at about $37,450.

Mercedes has been able to kill off the AMG version, the A35 while sales have slipped in more recent years. Of course, it was found as the 17,641-count sales showed promise in 2019. Yet, much later, in 2021, the number would drop to only 8,108 units. The GLA, however, has been able to sell strong with the amount of 14,322 units in just the last year. The A-Class took the entry-level spot away from the CLA-class, which was well known to be marketed under $30,000 during a 2013 Super Bowl Commercial.

Nowadays, Mercedes-Benz Wants The CLA to Stay.

Mercedes speaks of the choice to drop the A-Class to be consistent with an ongoing effort to streamline product offering strategies. Or at least, that’s what they say. You never know with Big Auto. What’s nice about the CLA is that Mercedes-Benz doesn’t make it too different from the A-Class vehicle. In which case, we can assume that it earns better profit margins for the company, with higher pricing.

When you look at other automakers, you see them mimicry the same with BMW and Audi trying to copy moves. But maybe they’ll never be as good at it as Mercedes-Benz. Ever thought of that?

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