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Old Tucson School To Become Farm Or Trucking Parking Lot

You are currently viewing Old Tucson School To Become Farm Or Trucking Parking Lot
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Julia Keen Elementary school in Tucson closed in 2004 due to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base’s flight path. Between 2005 and 2013 the school was occupied by the nonprofit organization World Care. That organization left due to long-term water pipe damage. Now, there are multiple organizations who have ideas for the property.

Today, three proposals will compete to occupy the old school lot. There’s one each from Julia Keen Property Association, Penske Truck Leasing and the Flowers and Bullets collective. Let’s take a look at what each proposal has in store for this currently unoccupied lot. That way, you can know what the neighborhood might look like in the future!

Three Proposals for Old Tucson School Lot

Julia Keen Property Association has partnered with Warehouse Arts Management Organization, Tucson Pima Arts Council and Peach Properties. It wants to create a green space using a part of the property where the old school building is. They plan to offer an industrial community kitchen, storage space for personal use, workspace for artists and space for other uses.

Penske Truck Leasing, a truck company, was looking to purchase 4 acres of the abandoned school property for parking for their facility located nearby. It was opposed by the neighborhood association, as well as the Flowers and Bullets collective. The association was against any heavy commercial or industrial use of the property in question.

The Flowers and Bullets want to turn property into a midtown farm where they can grow vegetables and sell them at a farmers market they are also planning to start. The collective is also looking to offer education and art workshops.

The compromise can be reached if the neighborhood association and the collective agree to work together, as the former are focused on the building, while the latter need the land for farming.

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  1. David C

    It’s great that they’re finally turning this abandoned school into something that can actually provide use to people and companies!

  2. Poulheyman

    That’s good…..after all this years, this forgotten property can be finally be remembered.

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