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Tucson International Airport Increasing the Number of Flights Due to Heavy Thanksgiving Traffic

You are currently viewing Tucson International Airport Increasing the Number of Flights Due to Heavy Thanksgiving Traffic
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Some airlines are increasing the number of planes that go to and from Tucson at Tucson International Airport for Thanksgiving week. A number of flyers had issues taking a direct flight to or from Tucson. There were complaints about Tucson flights being only available as a connecting route. Therefore, the Tucson Airport Authority has been trying to make flying to Tucson more convenient to improve the economy of Southern Arizona. Tucson International Airport recently added nonstop flights to New York and Sonora.

The increase is travel has not been this high since 2010. Airlines have added 5 percent more flights in honor of Thanksgiving week. Sunday will be the busiest day to fly due to the fact that there are 25 percent more flights than the November average. Overall, there was a 5.6 percent increase in airport traffic compared to last year.

Here are some tips to help you survive traveling through Tucson International Airport during Thanksgiving.

Busiest times for flights are 6 to 9:30am and 12:30 and 2:30pm.

Arrive early for check-in. On a holiday day like Thanksgiving, it is best to arrive 90 minutes before departure time because check-in may take longer due to large crowds.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 leave it at home. The US Department of Transportation banned the existence of the phone on an air craft even if the phone is off.

United Airlines and American Airlines have switches ticket locations and concourse at Tucson International Airport. All American Airlines flights will arrive and depart on Concourse B and United Airlines on Concourse A.

There is a parking lot for pickups available and the entrance is free. To reach the parking lot turn right before reaching the terminal.

There is construction in the parking lots in front of the terminal. One third of parking spaces will not be available because of this. There are alternate parking lots available near the west entrance of the terminal.

Overall, there will be a lot of people driving due to the decrease in gas prices. The percentage of people that are driving out of town has increase by 9 percent and percentage of flyers by 6 percent. The nationwide average of travelers on Thanksgiving week has increased 1.6 percent.

Have a safe trip and a safe holiday!

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