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Abortion Clinics Arrests Not Likely To Happen In The State Of Arizona

You are currently viewing Abortion Clinics Arrests Not Likely To Happen In The State Of Arizona
With the controversy of Roe v. Wade having been overturned, the city has decided to protect the individuals who choose to have an abortion.
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After what happened to Roe v. Wade, the city has decided to keep itself from making things worse for women. They’re not going to have abortion clinics that are raided by policemen. This is a measure that they’re choosing to follow through on because anti-abortion movements are likely to add more restrictions. Policemen are expected to not arrest abortion providers.

Nancy Barto, the State Senator, cosigned the statement that came from the sponsors of the latest abortion law. “This resolution is meaningless. The City of Tucson does not have the legal authority to block a state law regarding abortion, which is of statewide concern and subject to the sole jurisdiction of the State Legislature. Cities cannot decide the legality of any state law for that matter. That’s outside the scope of their authority. The City of Tucson will be in the position of losing state shared revenues if they persist in this action.”

Abortion is still pretty controversial.

She and Governor Ducey believe that abortion tends belittle the idea of children getting a chance at life. “Black children are three-to-five times more likely to be aborted and almost 70% of children with Down Syndrome are never born.”

State legislators continuously say that Tucson will receive more state money if Tucson doesn’t enforce the abortion law that they have passed. Mayor Regina Romero says she hasn’t been surprised to hear additional threats, being that the city could be on legal ground.

“And as a mayor, I believe it is imperative for me to be able to defend the rights of Tucsonans especially when we feel that there are laws instituted by the state and signed by the governor that infringe on the rights of people here in our city.”

So it’s nice to know that the Mayor is on the side of the people being most affected. After all, she supremely believes that people have the right to control what happens to their bodies. She believes in it, thanks to the way the Supreme Court has been respecting the constitutional right to decide what needs to be done with people’s bodies and reproductive functions.

Furthermore, the Tucson Police Chief has been instructed to amend TPD’s general orders to not allow any officer will physically arrest someone at a medical clinic for a suspected violation of abortion law. When charges are made, it was handled on paper. With public complaints about a clinic, the city refers to the Arizona Health Department for investigation.

Certainly, individuals deserve the best human rights. And it’s only fair that the women are allowed the ability to choose for themselves what to do.

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