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Amphitheater Schools Vandalized; Library Set on Fire

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Vandals broke windows, set a fire in a library, destroyed computers and other equipment at 4 schools in the Amphitheater district over the weekend, officials said.

The schools that sustained most damage was Amphitheater Middle School, 315 E. Prince Road, and Prince Elementary School, 125 E. Prince Road, said Amy Sharpe, a district spokeswoman. Both of these schools were broken into sometime between late Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29, Sharpe said.

Vandalism also occurred at Amphitheater High School, 125 W. Yavapai Road, and the Rillito Center, 266 E. Pastime Road, Sharpe said. She said the vandalism occurred at these two schools Oct. 29 into Oct. 30.

Officials do not yet know the extent of the damage. However, they are looking into it.

Vandals Severely Damage Multiple Amphitheater Schools

The vandals caused significant damage to the shared middle- and elementary-schools’ library by setting a fire, destroying computers and equipment, and smashing nearly 40 windows at the campuses.

The library sustained serious smoke damage. The vandals damaged computer monitors and other materials in the computer laboratory, Sharpe said.

Staff and students will of course not be able to access the library for at least eight weeks. They’ll have to use alternatives while the team works to restore and replace damaged equipment and materials.

The schools will have other accommodations in place for activities that were held in the library. As of now, all classes are proceeding as usual, said Sharpe.

Vandalism at the Rillito Center, which serves special needs of students, was contained to an exterior water fountain and shattered windows at the main entrance. A security guard booth at Amphitheater High School also sustained damage, said Sharpe, adding she had no further details about vandalism at the high school.

Tucson police are investigating the case, and district officials ask that anyone with information call 911 or 88-CRIME.

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