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Arizona House Demands Reversal Of 1800s-Era Abortion Ban

You are currently viewing Arizona House Demands Reversal Of 1800s-Era Abortion Ban
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In Arizona, there’s big news about abortion laws! The Arizona House made a decision on Wednesday about a law from way back in 1864 that almost banned all abortions. Now, this law might go away before it starts on June 8. But, the state Senate still needs to say yes next week.

This old law from the Civil War time was supposed to start up again because of a court decision. But, a lot of people, especially Republicans, got worried. They think this ban on almost all abortions might make it hard for them to win votes in the elections, even for president.

Some Republicans who usually like this kind of law actually joined with Democrats to try and get rid of it. They even got help from people who like Donald Trump, who’s running for president again. Trump said he wasn’t happy about this law coming back, and he promised it wouldn’t last long.

But, not all Republicans wanted to get rid of this law. Some of them were really mad when their party members voted with the Democrats. They think being against abortion is really important for the Republican party.

A few Republicans were against this law from the start. They said it’s not good for their chances in the elections. Some people in Arizona don’t want this strict abortion law, especially in places where voters could go either way.

Groups who don’t like abortion have been trying hard to stop Republicans from changing their minds. They send texts and emails to remind them what they promised. They think politicians should stick to their beliefs, even if it means they might not win the next election.

After this big court decision, people who care about abortion rights want lawmakers to get rid of this old law right away. They say it’s time for politicians to do what they say they believe in.

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