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Bank Robbery Suspect Found!

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TUCSON, AZ – A Wells Fargo bank robbery took place on February 4. Police arrested a man this morning, February 8, on Tucson’s East Side.  

This man was Steven Philbrook, age 32. The Tucson Police Department spoke out on the incident.  The company was looking for the suspect since the robbery and even posted on Facebook asking for any possible identifications. Interestingly, Philbrook had robbed this bank and another business adjacent to the bank. The location was at the intersection of E Glenn St. and N Campbell Ave.

Police Haven’t Charged Bank Robbery Suspect

The Tucson Police Department has not officially charged the man. Although, there is video footage of him at the bank. Witnesses reported that they didn’t see a weapon during the robbery. Also, police aren’t releasing details on what exactly Philbrook stole. Even the bank has not released details about the incident.

Philbrook was the sole suspect. When police brought Philbrook in for questioning, they found evidence of the robbery in his possession. Namely, they found a lot of cash on his person. This is what we in the law enforcement world call a “dead giveaway.”

The police state that the only reason that the culprit was found was due to tips from the public. Soon after being brought into the station, Philbrook was booked into Pima County Jail on two counts of robbery. Given that the cameras caught him before even the police did, it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to escape jail time.

Bank robberies are not uncommon in Tucson, and the Tucson Police Department is glad that one criminal has been put behind bars. However, they also know that there’s more work in the future if they want Tucsonians to feel truly safe. The work of a police officer is always piling up, so let’s hope they have some coffee!

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