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Grant Road Crash Victim Identified

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Tucson AZ, – Police have identified the Grant Road crash victim from Monday’s incident. The victim, Marco Antonio Sanchez 26, has been identified as the motorcyclist. The incident occurred Monday, December 16th, at approximately 3:30 pm.

Tucson police officers from Operations Division East and TPD Traffic Investigations Unit detectives appeared at the scene and proceeded to interview witnesses. Witnesses had mentioned that the Kia had been driving West of Grant Road and was attempting to make a left turn into a business parking lot. Drivers who had been traveling east on Grant Road had stopped to let the Kia driver turn left. While this was happening, witnesses saw Sanchez, 26, weaving between traffic lanes and coming up on the stopped cars quickly. The motorcycle (heading eastbound) moved into the lane where the Kia was turning, which then struck the car.

Grant Road: Sanchez Seen Wearing Helmet

The efforts from the city fire department and medics who arrived at the scene were unable to save Sanchez. Sanchez was seen wearing a helmet at the time and the rate of speed that he was traveling is an indicator of why the accident was caused.

A DUI officer confirmed that the Kia owner was unimpaired. It seems likely that the driver simply didn’t see the motorcycle coming up quickly behind them. After all, it’s harder to see motorcycles than other cars. They’re small enough that they can simply slip by. Unfortunately, in this instance, that difficulty of sight claimed the life of a young man.

The 26-year-old Sanchez died at 3:30 pm. While it may seem cruel to say that Sanchez was responsible for his own death, he was driving recklessly. Especially when you’re riding a motorcycle, you should be careful as you drive. You never know what other drivers might do and who’s paying attention or not.

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