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Man Yelling He Was Being Chased and Throwing Rocks Dies

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TUCSON, Arizona – A man who was bleeding and yelling that he was being chased died Thursday evening. Shortly after going to the hospital, the man, who was around 50, died, according to the Tucson Police Department.

The incident took place around 5 p.m. when Dunkin’ Donuts employees on East 22nd Street and South Craycroft Road, called 911. They were saying that the bleeding man is outside of their door. He was yelling that he was being chased by someone, said Sgt. Pete Dugan, a Tucson Police spokesman.

After that, he was reportedly on the road with yelling and throwing rocks at passing cars.

The man was yelling that someone was following him.

A Tucson Police Officer and off-duty deputy, who were passing that road at the same time as the incident, tried to get to the man.

There was a Tucson Fire team, which was originally sent to the Sienna Ridge Apartments at 5353 E. 22nd St., took the man to the hospital.

He appeared to be a man in his 50s. Sadly, he died shortly after arriving at the hospital, according to Dugan.

Later, police said that the man was calling 911 during the day. Among his claims was to report people on a balcony and a fire that didn’t take place.

There was no immediate information about the who the man actually was. While police should certainly have his name by now, it doesn’t seem as though they are willing to release it yet. It’s possible that they’re waiting to get into contact with the man’s family before they blast his name all over the world.

If you are someone who can provide any additional information about the incident, call 88-CRIME. It is an anonymous tipster line that will help Tucson police shore up their investigation.

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