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Unified School District Believes In Remote Learning, Despite Critique

You are currently viewing Unified School District Believes In Remote Learning, Despite Critique
The Unified School District Governing Board had more mitigation efforts than what you could imagine in the age of Corona Virus.
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Within the Governing Board of the Unified School District, there had been more discussion of further mitigation that night to help the spread of Corona Virus in schools through the Omicron surge. Within the school board, there had been a unanimous vote, five to zero that would declare the shift to remote learning would occur for only a period of days. This, of course, would not even remotely constitute a school closure.

his meeting didn’t come long after what the Unified School District, Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, would say regarding how 354 teachers became absent through the district on Monday. There had been a public health emergency that would show decisions coming from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Margaret Chaney, of the Education Association President, would allow the board to put more schools back in remote learning whenever there would be a COVID-19 outbreak upon the campus.

Chaney says, “Right now, everyone expects to continue their full 40 hours plus this additional job because someone is out and it’s really burning people out left and right.”

Unified School District Board Member Dr. Ravi Shah Is A Family Medicine Doctor Will Have Some Things To Say

“I haven’t seen good evidence on the public health front that a significant portion of our spread is happening in our schools, My concern is if we close our schools for in-person learning and go remote, that might actually increase the spread of COVID as students are going to environments that don’t have the same COVID mitigation strategies that we’re able to institute in our schools.”

Dr. Trujillo knows that school went on after the holiday break and only about 300 families would be down to put their students in the Unified Virtual Academy, which is known as the district’s virtual learning program. It’s certainly awe-inspiring.

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