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New Luxury Movie Theater is Going to Open in Tucson on November 1

You are currently viewing New Luxury Movie Theater is Going to Open in Tucson on November 1
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Tucson, Arizona – On November 1, a luxury movie theater in Tucson is going to open its doors. The Galaxy Theater Luxury is what everyone was looking forward to.


The CEO of the theater Frank Rimkus said he really liked Tucson and spending time in there. He believes the city has the potential to grow.


The new theater will be located at 100 S Houghton Road near Broadway, Old Pueblo. Galaxy Theater sits in the place of the former Bashas’ grocery store.


The location of the Galaxy Theater is convenient for east siders. The CEO Frank Rimkus said he chose this location to make east-residents happy because this area is underserved.


According to Rimkus, there is a lot going on the eastern part of the city.


He wanted to help build a community.


Galaxy Theatres is a chain of 20-year-old, featuring latest Hollywood films and offers wall-to-wall premium movie screens, as well as other ‘’luxury’’ features.


The luxury, premium service is available at the regular price.


Pizza, chicken wings, shrimp and other food options are available at the theater, along with wine and beer.


The ones visiting the theater can digitally purchase tickets. The philosophy of the new theater is treating the customers as guests, and to make them happy.


With the opening of the theater, Tucson will have more than 70 new job opportunities.


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